Curriculum Vitae


Lecturer, Writing Program, University of Southern California
2013 – Present
Teach courses in writing aimed to develop students’ ability to think critically, read actively, and communicate ideas thoughtfully and effectively while adhering to the forms and conventions of the academic discourse community. Courses taught: WRIT 140: HIST 265 affiliation (Fall 2013, Spring 2014); WRIT 150, Thematic Approaches: Issues in Contemporary Economics (Fall 2014).


M.F.A., English, Creative Writing, 2008
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
The Voice and Arms of God, a novella and stories

B.A., Humanities, emphasis in philosophy, 2000
Biola University, La Mirada, CA


Teacher of English, Crenshaw Arts/Tech Charter High (CATCH)
Teach English 10, English 11 AP Language & Composition, English 12, Digital Journalism.

Instructor of English, Cerritos College
Teach courses in Composition.

Instructor of English, Orange Coast College
Teach courses in Composition.

Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, Writing Program Director, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University
Torrey is an undergraduate honors program taught in the Socratic style, whose curriculum is made up of the great books of the Western Canon. I was one of 14 full-time faculty specializing in different disciplines, all who teach across the curriculum and who mentor students. As Writing Program Director, I oversaw Torrey’s writing program, and my job included teaching students in weekly writing seminars and in one-on-one tutoring; training faculty regularly in writing pedagogy; hiring, training, and supervising teaching assistants; providing guidance for and evaluating special student writing projects; articulating our writing program’s vision and maintaining its standards; and developing innovative curriculum for a department whose standards of excellence are very high.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of Pittsburgh
Teacher of Record for Intro to FictionIntro to Creative Writing, and Seminar in Composition. In the fall of 2006, I was cited by David Bartholomae for having received the highest student evaluations of any Graduate Teaching Assistant or Teaching Fellow.

Teacher of English and Philosophy, Lynwood High School, Lynwood, CA
I taught British Literature and World Literature to 12th and 10th grades, respectively, and Intro to Philosophy to upperclassmen.

Teacher of English, Bishop Montgomery High School, Torrance, CA
I taught American Literature and Basic English to 11th and 9th grades, respectively.


EIDOS Christian Center Grant
Awards ranging from $8,700 to $20,000, annually, that support my writing and speaking.

Finalist, Very Short Fiction Contest, Glimmer Train
For short story, “Is Still”

Honorable Mention, Family Matters Fiction Contest, Glimmer Train
For short story, “Mister, Are You Still Very Sad?”

Winner of the Turow-Kinder Award in Fiction
Novelist Chuck Rosenthal selected an excerpt from my novella, The Voice and Arms of God, as the best work of fiction produced by a University of Pittsburgh graduate student over the course of the 2007-2008 academic year.

Nominated for Best New Amerian Voices 2010 Anthology
Nominated by Chuck Kinder for inclusion in the Best New American Voices 2010 anthology, for the opening chapters of my novella, The Voice and Arms of God.

Student Honoree, Convocation, University of Pittsburgh

K. Leroy Irvis Summer Research Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
2006, 2007
Awarded $8,200 and $8,700 for the summers of 2006 and 2007, respectively, to research my novel-in-progress, The Voice and Arms of God. Research included primary research with several 12-step recovery groups, joining meetings, interviewing members, doing the steps myself; and traveling to Guayaquil, Ecuador, where a great deal of the novel is set.

K. Leroy Irvis Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
Full tuition remission, $17,000 stipend.


“Christian Art: Devoted to Reality.” 16 July 2012. Creative Nonfiction.

“The Power of Mothers.” Catholic Digest. Nonfiction. May 2012. Creative Nonfiction

“On Storytelling.” Billtown Blue Lit. 14 December 2011. Creative Nonfiction.

Is Still.” Twelve Stories, 7 November 2011. Short Fiction.

“Far Beneath.” Pittsburgh Noir. Akashic Books, June 2011. Ed. Kathleen George. Short Fiction.

Mister, Are You Still Very Sad?” Acentos Review, August 2010. Short fiction.

Reflections on Mother’s Day” (contributor). Ed. John Pattison. Creative Nonfiction.

“Dad Said Don.” Best of Relief Volume 1. Ed. Kimberly M. Culbertson, et al. Crystal Lake, IL: ccPublishing NFP, 2007. 115 – 127. Short Fiction.

“Dad Said Don.” The Ankeny Briefcase. Ed. Jordan Green, et al. Crystal Lake, IL: ccPublishing NFP, 2006. 85–102. Short Fiction.

“Parable.” The Ankeny Briefcase. Ed. Jordan Green, et al. Crystal Lake, IL: ccPublishing NFP, 2006.  17–26. Short Fiction.


Thematic Coordinator, Writing Program, USC
Supervise and facilitate assignment development for instructors of WRIT 150: Thematic Approaches: Issues in Contemporary Economics.

Faculty Mentor, Writing Program, USC
Mentor part-time faculty, offering guidance concerning professional goals, lesson plans, writing assignments, conferencing techniques, grading challenges, etc., including in-class teaching observation and evaluation.

Teaching Assistant, Summer Academy, South Central Scholars, USC
Work to support the lectures given and curriculum developed by Professor Jessica Cantiello, facilitating discussion seminars, evaluating and giving detailed feedback on student work, leading writing workshops, and mentoring students as they prepare for their final year in high school and college applications. (Summer 2014)

Curriculum Development, WRIT 150, Thematic Approaches: Issues in Contemporary Economics, Writing Program, USC
Research and develop syllabus, writing projects, readings, conceptual glossary, and ancillary writing activities for new WRIT 150 thematic in economics. (Summer 2014)

Affiliation Group Coordinator, Writing Program, USC
Supervise and facilitate assignment development for nine Part-Time Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers who teach WRIT 140. (Spring 2014)

Mentor, (W)rites of Passage, Neighborhood Academic Initiative, USC
Meet individually and/or in small groups with local high school students in the NAI program, offering feedback and mentoring as students compose college applications.

Affiliation Group Co-Coordinator, Writing Program, USC
Supervise and facilitate assignment development for two Part-Time and Assistant Lecturers who teach WRIT 140. (Fall 2013)

Faculty Participant, CATCH Professional Development, CATCH
Weekly professional development meetings in which faculty share experience and insights to improve classroom management and teaching skills, in order to meet specific state-mandated testing goals.

Faculty participant, Part-time Faculty English Practicum, Cerritos College
A monthly gathering of part-time faculty in order to exchange ideas, share experience, and sharpen teaching skills, in order to grow pedagogically

Faculty Participant, Coalition of the Willing, Biola University
Joined a team of faculty from across the university to discuss and present about the relationship between faith and scholarship.

Mentor, Quick Start Faculty Mentor Program, Biola University
Mentored new faculty during their first semester at the university.

Keynote Speaker, St. John the Apostle Paper Conference, Biola University

Faculty Chaperone, Torrey Europe, Biola University
Three-week trip to Greece, Italy, and Turkey, to study the writing of Plato, Dante, and Paul the Apostle.

Faculty Chaperone, Urban Plunge, Biola University
Overnight trip to downtown Los Angeles — including to Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral, Skid Row, Olvera Street, and Grand Central Market, in order to explore the culture(s) of Los Angeles.

Torrey Honors Institute, Torrey Writing Program Proposal, Biola University
Proposed a new writing program to the Torrey Honors Institute, one they approved and moved forward with the following school year.

Graduate Student Participant, New Faculty Search Committee, English Department, University of Pittsburgh
Participated in the search for new fiction faculty, reading CVs, interviewing and voting for candidates.

Faculty Advisor, Literary Society, Lynwood High School
Advised after-school academic and service club. We read and discussed contemporary literature, workshopped student creative writing, and volunteered at the local hospital.


“The Apostles’ Puzzle. Or, Logic Karate. Or, How Not to Read the Bible, Please, Because It’s a Story, Not Metaphysics Class.” Sermon, New Hearth Community Church, Whittier, CA, 8 February 2015

“Praxis: Creative Entrepreneurs at Work.” Panelist, Go: The Converge Summit 2015, Newport Beach, CA, 10 January 2015

“Navigating The WeaveWriter Roadmap” guest panelist, WeaveWriter webinar with Dane Sanders, Newport Beach, CA, 22 October 2014

“The world is like itself; I mean, Who is God?” Sermon, New Heart Community Church, Whittier, CA, 14 September 2014

“Swedish Jesus. Reconciliation. And Peter’s Beautiful Awful Horrifying Dumb Lovely Faith.” Sermon, New Heart Community Church, 6 April 2014

“Christianity = Salvation = Faith = Not works = Beliefs = Agreeing with true sentences = Finding & agreeing with insightful true sentences make me a better Christian = Self-awareness & believing true sentences are all I really need. Discuss.” Sermon, New Heart Community Church, La Mirada, CA, 24 November 2013

“Alcoholics Anonymous, Spiritual Practices, and Lent.” Sermon, New Heart Community Church, 12 February 2012

“The logic of stories. Tertullian. Alcoholics Anonymous. Questions. Possibilities. Other things, too.” Lectures, Summit Ministries, Manitou Springs, CO, 4 July 2011

UnLearn Christianity: Diverse Identities Programming, guest panelist, representing a generous voice in Christian apologetics, Whittier College, 24 March 2011

Fiction Workshop, guest teacher and workshop leader, Department of English, Biola University, 16 September 2010

“Apologetics, the Letter to Diognetus, and My Friend Helen.” Lecture, Whittier Area Community Church, 8 October 2009

“Dante’s Poetry, Dante’s Landscape,” Lecture, Biola University, 27 May 2009

“A Rebellion of the Branches against the Tree: C.S. Lewis, the 20th Century, and Bright Eyes.” Lecture, Biola University, 31 March 2009

“A Fine Grain of Stupidity: Flannery O’Connor’s Craft of Fiction Writing,” Lecture, Biola University, 12 November 2008

The Little Prince: How to Cultivate Community,” Lecture, Whittier Area Community Church, 30 October 2008


Novel excerpt, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
23 February 2011

Novel excerpt, St. John the Apostle Paper Conference, Keynote Speaker, Biola University
2 May 2009

Novel excerpt, Graduate Thesis Reading & Defense, open to the public, University of Pittsburgh
18 April 2008

Novel excerpt, University of Pittsburgh’s Creative Writing Awards Ceremony
10 April 2008

Novel excerpt, Fuel & Fuddle, Faculty & Graduate Reading Series, University of Pittsburgh
1 November 2007

Creative Nonfiction, Graduate Thesis Reading & Defense, open to the public, University of Pittsburgh
13 April 2007

Short Fiction, Fuel & Fuddle, Faculty & Graduate Reading Series, University of Pittsburgh
15 September 2005


Matt Jenson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology
Biola University

Allen Yeh, D.Phil.
Associate Professor of Missiology
Biola University

Diane Vincent, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of  Medieval Literature
Biola University

Jamie Campbell, J.D.
Assistant Professor of History and Law
Biola University

Chuck Kinder
Former Director of the Writing Program and Professor of English
University of Pittsburgh

Cathy Day
Assistant Professor of English
Ball State University

Michael Byers
Assistant Professor of English
University of Michigan


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