Private Tutoring

I am available as a private tutor. What do I teach? I have a wide range.

I develop a curriculum for each particular student’s hopes, needs, and goals, whether in composition, creative writing, literature, history, philosophy, and/or theology.

I hope to generate an ongoing discussion so interesting and so energizing that it compels all my students to become thoughtful, generous thinkers. No matter what we study—whether ancient texts, Highlights, or the New Yorker—we practice Socratic questioning and writing-as-thinking, which cultivate critical reasoning and improve our engagement with thoughtful audiences. This way, students learn how to understand and critique ideas, then learn how to express themselves just so.

I try to teach students to trust the slow, good process of becoming a good person while becoming good thinkers and writers—to cultivate questions, to allow themselves to soak in wonder, and to be comfortable in that “I don’t know yet” space. This is a slower process than the kind of thing typical schooling offers, but I think in the end it’s much more effective and rewarding.

Let’s learn how to ask questions well, and to be delighted by insights, and to respond deeply to questions. This is much more beautiful and organic than the hoops students are too often forced to jump through.