Peculiar Graces: Another post about the little things (by Allison)

Today was a long day for me. I’m in that period of pregnancy where I’m always tired. I literally feel drugged sometimes and can’t keep my eyes open. It just so happens that Jonah is in a “fighting the nap stage” right now, to perfectly compliment my fatigue. Some days I just feel like giving up, or giving him away. But, today was different. While he wouldn’t take a nap, I just decided to have a little rest time with him instead. We cuddled together for a good hour and just talked. It’s so weird now that we can almost fully hold small conversations. I also dragged him along with me for a ton of errands today (poor guy) and he was a perfect angel (I guess he had to make up for the no nap), but it was just so nice to hang out with him. I found myself just enjoying his company. This evening at dinner time his response to not finishing his meal was “mommy I’m just rary tired.” He’s so funny. I really like my son, and feel my heart fill with joy several times a day just being near him. Even on the hard days his beauty can’t escape me.

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