Peculiar Graces: Soon And Very Soon

Okay: Last time we checked (and by we I mean—the doctor), Alli was dilated to 9cm. This is close. We are getting there. She’s sleeping now. In the next couple of hours, we’re thinking, maybe: Push. Woo!

5 thoughts on “Peculiar Graces: Soon And Very Soon

  1. Okay, I’m psyched! Jim’s psyched! We are thinking of you both every minute! Can’t wait to hug and hold Jonah! Welcome to the world precious little one! You have terrific parents, and we love you already.

  2. O.K. I can do this too….not the baby,I mean.Alli Dad,ash,BEAU AND i ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU AND CARLOS …JUST GIVE ME THAT jONAH!!!!!!!I promise I will be good to you all too.I will see you soon,my precious kids…love,Grammy

  3. Come on Jonah, don’t be stubborn like your dad was. It’s not so bad out here, really. I promise you’ll do just fine. And those parents of yours, they’re anxious to get parenting. So come out and smell the roses.And Alli, hang in there. Trust me, the pain is worth it. Oh, did I say pain. I meant “wait”. The wait is worth it. No really, I’m so proud of you two and all you’ve done to prepare for this big day. Take it moment by moment and enjoy the process. Let us know when all is done. Love,Mom Merna

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